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Is Your MiFID II Transaction Reporting at Risk?

In this blog, we explore the complexities of MiFID II transaction reporting, the challenges of back reporting errors, and how to ensure accuracy and compliance with AQMetrics' advanced solutions. Discover how to streamline your reporting process and avoid costly remediation efforts.

AQMetrics et CMC Markets concluent un partenariat stratégique pour le Transaction Reporting MiFID II

AQMetrics, l'un des principaux fournisseurs de solutions technologiques réglementaires, est ravi d'annoncer avoir conclu un partenariat inédit avec CMC Markets, l'un des leaders mondiaux des services financiers. Cette collaboration devrait redéfinir le reporting des transactions dans le cadre de la directive MiFID II en mettant l'accent sur un support client de qualité supérieure, des fonctionnalités technologiques de pointe et une expertise réglementaire inégalée.

AQMetrics and CMC Markets Forge Strategic Partnership in MiFID II Transaction Reporting

AQMetrics, a leading provider of regulatory technology solutions, is delighted to announce a ground-breaking partnership with CMC Markets, a global leader in financial services. This collaboration is set to redefine MiFID II Transaction Reporting with a focus on superior customer support, cutting-edge technology features, and unparalleled regulatory expertise.

MiFID II Transaction Reporting Q&A: How to Extract, Reconcile and Manage Your Data with AQMetrics ARM

How to extract, reconcile and get the most of your MiFID II transaction reporting data using the AQMETRICS ARM.