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Risk Management – Risk Reporting

Unlock Insightful Risk Reporting

Explore risk reporting with AQMetrics’ dynamic dashboard, designed for fund managers. Tailored to your fund’s composition, it delivers real-time insights for navigating risk.

Dynamic Risk Insights Across Asset Classes

AQMetrics redefines risk reporting with its comprehensive and dynamic dashboard, designed to highlight where risk is peaking and pooling. Offering tailored insights across various asset classes.

Equity icon

Sector exposure, stock concentrations, price-to-earnings ratios, beta, and volatility metrics at your fingertips.

Fixed Income icon
Fixed Income

Detailed views on portfolio composition, duration, yield curve exposure, credit quality, and liquidity, complemented by market indicators and stress test results.

Real Estate icon
Real Estate

Analyse property values, rental income stability, and market trends for nuanced real estate risk reporting.

Commodities icon

Navigate price volatility and geopolitical impacts with key data insights and automated risk measurement.

Foreign Exchange Forex icon
Foreign Exchange (Forex)

Essential currency risk analysis for international investment compliance.

Alternative Investments icon
Alternative Investments

Specialised risk management for hedge funds, private equity, and venture capital, catering to the unique demands of the alternatives sector.

Derivatives Risk icon

In-depth monitoring and management of options, futures, and other derivatives risks.

Liquidity and Interest Rate icon
Cash and Cash Equivalents

Critical liquidity and interest rate risk analysis, ensuring comprehensive risk oversight.

Discover our Interactive Risk Management Solution

Dive into AQMetrics’ intuitive and interactive risk dashboard, bridging the gap between investor and fund profiles with ease. Ready to see it in action?

Interactive Risk Management Dashboard image

Authorised and Regulated by ESMA and the FCA, and ISO 27001 Certified

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Risk Management

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AQMetrics Regulatory Technology Risk Management - Risk Control Software Screens

Risk Control

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