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Risk Management – Risk Control

Manage Risk Control with Confidence

Meet regulatory demands through automated risk controls. Through AQMetrics funds can achieve alignment with their objectives while ensuring compliance at all times.

Easily Adhere to Regulatory Standards

In an era of rigorous and evolving risk management standards by global financial regulators, financial services firms are ever more called upon to implement risk controls. AQMetrics builds award-winning technology, analytics, and risk metrics. Using sophisticated modelling for in-depth scenario analysis and stress testing AQMetrics ensures strict adherence to regulatory frameworks.

Automated Asset Monitoring icon
Automated Asset Classification and Monitoring

Effortlessly classify and monitor assets with AQMetrics’ smart data management, distinguishing liquid from illiquid assets based on liquidity traits. Dynamic rules adapt to changing market conditions, credit quality, and issuer events, ensuring asset risk exposure is meticulously tracked.

Liquidity Risk Assessment icon
Automated Liquidity Risk Assessment

Periodically assess your fund’s risk profile with AQMetrics automatically analysing asset liquidity, market dynamics, and investor redemption trends. Advanced stress testing simulates various market scenarios, assessing fund resilience against adverse conditions.

Automated Contingency Workflow icon
Automated Redemption Analysis and Contingency Workflow

Utilise AQMetrics to analyse historical risk patterns, forecasting risk exposures in stressed markets. Develop robust contingency plans and risk mitigation strategies using AQMetrics risk insights.

Risk Metrics icon
Risk Metrics

With AQMetrics, measure greeks, bid-ask spreads, trading volumes, and price movements. Automated monitoring of risk metrics, including portfolio risk exposures, pinpoints potential risk areas for enhanced control.

Exposure Strategy Analysis icon
Exposure and Diversification Strategy Analysis

Control asset exposure with AQMetrics’ exposure analysis and risk control rules, ensuring balanced diversification for enhanced compliance and risk management.

Regulatory Compliance Alerts and Data Validation Icon
Regulatory Compliance

Stay ahead with AQMetrics, constantly updated for the latest regulatory risk management and compliance requirements. Ensure your risk practices are in line with regulatory expectations and industry standards.

Authorised and Regulated by ESMA and the FCA, and ISO 27001 Certified

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