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Regulatory Reporting – PRIIPs

Navigate PRIIPs Reporting with Simple Precision

Streamline your PRIIPs reporting with AQMetrics. Our end-to-end solution covers data management, PRIIPs KID, EPT, EMT document generation, and Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA), simplifying compliance.

AQMetrics Offers an Unmatched Data Management Solution for PRIIPs Reporting

Embrace unparalleled accuracy and compliance in PRIIPs reporting with AQMetrics. Ensure your data management meets every regulatory requirement with unmatched accuracy. Our solution provides a seamless journey from initial data processing to the comprehensive production of documents and beyond.

Compliance Workflow
Compliance Workflows

Enhance your compliance dashboard with AQMetrics by tracking and auditing exception handling, embedding real-time compliance results for full oversight.

Data Security and Privacy
Data Security/Confidentiality

With AQMetrics, data security meets international standards. Our ISO 27001 certification guarantees secure handling of PII data, ensuring your information’s confidentiality and integrity.

Multi Language Support icon
Full European Language Support

AQMetrics supports major European languages for PRIIPs reporting, ensuring clear communication and compliance across the continent.

Take Control of your PRIIPs Reporting

Accelerate your compliance with AQMetrics, where efficiency meets compliance. Our solution simplifies the calculation of risk indicators, scenarios, and document production, ensuring adherence to EU Regulation 1286/2014.

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Seamlessly covers all four fund categories, preparing you for any compliance scenario.

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Anticipates the transition to UCITS and adapts to PRIIPs RTS 2.0 for full transparency.

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Supports both EU and UK PRIIPs, offering broad and versatile compliance capabilities.

In-Depth Transaction Cost Analysis

Get deeper insights into investment execution and trading performance with our Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA), designed to offer transparency and quantify implicit transaction costs for our clients.

Slippage and New Methodology PRIIPs

Align with the forefront of PRIIPs RTS and MiFID methodologies, securing your compliance edge.


Refine trade file accuracy with extensive tick history across all assets, bolstering your analytical base.


Deepen insights into trading costs’ effect on performance, enhancing strategy with greater clarity.

Authorised and Regulated by ESMA and the FCA, and ISO 27001 Certified

Regulatory Reporting
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