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Regulatory Reporting

Streamline your Regulatory Reporting

Experience seamless end-to-end automation of your regulatory reporting with AQMetrics, significantly reducing time and effort.

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Why AQMetrics for Regulatory Reporting?

Experience unparalleled efficiency in multi-jurisdictional regulatory reporting. AQMetrics transforms and streamlines your operations with a unified data source, enhancing today’s efficiency and preparing for tomorrow’s growth.

End-to-End Reporting Automation

Guarantee automatic data collection and aggregation, along with in-built exposure and risk calculations. Enjoy streamlined reporting to regulators.

Automated Risk Monitoring
Simplify your Filing Process

Benefit from AQMetrics built-in integrations with leading fund administrators, financial institutions and data providers. With AQMetrics your regulatory reporting is smarter and faster.

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More Control

Enhance your reporting process with both automated and single-click regulatory XML generation. AQMetrics’ audited workflow supports reporting at scale, doing the heavy lifting for you.



Revolutionise your AIFMD Reporting with Efficiency and Accuracy

Unlock a streamlined, fully automated AIFMD Annex IV filings with AQMetrics. Designed for immediacy and accuracy, our solution ensures your reporting is both timely and regulatory compliant, simplifying the complex landscape of multi-jurisdictional requirements.

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Streamline your CPO-PQR Submission Process to the NFA Effortlessly

AQMetrics fully automated approach to CPO PQR filings saves you time and effort. Designed for efficiency and quality, our solution ensures manager, portfolio, performance and risk information about your CPO is filed to the NFA on time and without errors.

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Simplify your Form PF Filing with AQMetrics Workflow

Confidential Form PF filings have never been easier than with AQMetrics. Required registered investment advisers use AQMetrics for its automated data management, reporting accuracy, digital security and quality.

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13F and NPX

Navigate Form 13F and Form NPX Complexity with Ease

AQMetrics Form 13F and NPX solution simplifies Form 13F and Form NPX disclosures, ensuring your organization meets its SEC regulatory requirements with ease and accuracy in a cybersecure and operationally resilient way.

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What our clients have to say

“We partnered with AQMetrics to enhance our regulatory reporting. We wanted to modernise and simplify, and in the AQMetrics technology platform we saw something really intuitive”

Dale Bucknell
Head of Operations

“I am delighted with AQMetrics’ regulatory reporting solutions. Their online cloud platform allowed us to meet our requirements with accuracy and efficiency. Throughout our partnership, AQMetrics’ customer success team has been instrumental in providing exceptional support, making onboarding and filing our returns to the CBI a seamless experience. AQMetrics has truly exceeded our expectations.”

Simon Fletcher
Head of AIFM
AlbaCore Capital

“We have worked with AQMetrics for some time and regard their technical solutions for regulatory reporting as best in class. Above all, we value their service levels, which are excellent, and their guidance, which is straightforward and easy to follow. Their customer care and communication are superb and their team are always ready to support.”

Rachel Curtis
Head of Risk & Compliance
Equity Trustees

“We partnered with AQ Metrics for our regulatory reporting requirements. After a year in partnership, we have received excellent customer service, lightning-quick responses and guidance through the platform when required. I highly recommend the team and the service.”

Ciarán Shields
Director and MLRO

Simplify your Regulatory Reporting with AQMetrics Data Management from within our Single Regulatory Data Hub