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MiFID II Transaction Reporting

Streamline your MiFID II Transaction Reporting

As an Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM), AQMetrics simplifies transaction reporting for investment firms across the UK and EU, automating compliance across all reportable asset classes.

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Drive Value & Efficiency with End-to-End Data Automation

Tailor your MiFID II transaction reporting with AQMetrics’ seamless automation, designed to meet your firm’s unique needs, from data capture to submission.

Identify Errors and Omissions
Quickly Identify Errors/Omissions

Instantly identify and correct reporting errors or omissions, streamlining resubmissions.

Eligibility Checks icon
Eligibility Checks

Avoid over-reporting through automated FIRDS eligibility checks, enhancing reporting accuracy.

Automated Feedback Loops icon
Automated Feedback Loops

Leverage automated feedback for insightful error, variance, and outlier analysis.

Compliance Workflow
Compliance Workflows

Efficiently manage compliance with trackable workflows and integrated dashboards for exception handling.

Data Security and Privacy
Data Security/Confidentiality

Trust in AQMetrics’ ISO 27001 certification for robust PII data protection.

Backed by Experts

Our customer success team are the backbone of our service, providing unparalleled expertise and assistance.

Seamless Integration and Quality Assurance

Our journey with firms ensures a smooth transition to our MiFID II transaction reporting solution, emphasising data integrity and confidence. Working with a golden source, we validate and process data, alerting you to any errors through an intuitive interface.

Automated Data Management
Data Validation, GLEIF Check, Exception Handling
Run Eligibility Rules
Run Regulatory Validation Rules
Generate Transaction Reports
Automated Exceptions Workflow
Feedback File Processing
Audit and Reconciliation

Authorised and Regulated by ESMA and the FCA, and ISO 27001 Certified

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