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Data management

Flexible and Intuitive Data Management System

The AQMetrics DataMapper offers effortless, no-code data mapping rules creation using a simple drag-and-drop action.

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How AQMetrics DataMapper Works

The innovative AQM DataMapper gives you complete control and adaptability of data transformation rules with an intuitive drag-and-drop process, eliminating the requirement for any coding expertise.

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Data Transformation Rules

Build your own data transformation rules or use AQMetrics’ ready-made solutions. The intuitive drag-and-drop feature allows you to efficiently and effectively establish or refine your data transformation strategies.

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Data Flow

When a rule is created, AQMetrics configures the corresponding data flow automatically. Your data is effortlessly mapped, transformed, and consolidated, aligning perfectly with the required data flow.

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Rule Events, Alerts and Workflow

With each data rule you create, you can determine its operational frequency. AQMetrics then automates data validation alerts and provides a fully audited end-to-end workflow.

Automated End-to-End Data Management with AQMetrics DataMapper

As the demands from both clients and financial regulators intensify, technology teams are in constant pursuit of more efficient ways to integrate and manage data. AQMetrics revolutionises this process with automated technology that enables users to validate, transform, consolidate, and automate data management rules.

With AQMetrics, you’ll unlock unparalleled automated regulatory data management capabilities, significantly enhancing the productivity and effectiveness of your teams. The AQMetrics Data Hub serves as the pivotal element for executing Regulatory Reporting, Risk Management, and Compliance Process Automation, delivering an all-encompassing solution tailored to your unique requirements.

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