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Compliance Monitoring – Shareholding disclosures

Easily Navigate your Shareholding Disclosures

Shareholding disclosures are key to market transparency and compliance, yet they pose unique technology challenges. Overcome these with accuracy and efficiency using AQMetrics’ technology.

Enhance your Shareholding Disclosure Compliance with Precision and Ease

Tap into AQMetrics’ advanced technology for streamlined management of shareholding disclosures. Our solutions deliver unparalleled precision and reliability, ensuring your reports meet regulatory standards effortlessly.

Data Security and Privacy
Data Security and Privacy

AQMetrics ensures shareholder data security and privacy with top-tier cybersecurity, access controls, encryption, and GDPR compliance.

Integration of Disparate Systems

Unify disparate shareholder systems into a seamless Regulatory Data Hub with AQMetrics for consistent data flow.

Data Management Complexity
Data Management Complexity

Tackle the complexity of managing vast shareholder data with AQMetrics’ efficient, automated solutions.

Data Accuracy
Data Accuracy and Integrity

Guarantee shareholder data assurance with AQMetrics’ automated validation processes and data governance.

Regulatory Change Management
Regulatory Complexity and Change Management

Stay ahead of regulatory shifts in shareholder disclosing requirements with AQMetrics’ adaptable, compliance-centric solutions.

Regulatory Reporting Submission icon
Compliance Monitoring and Reporting

Enable accurate and timely shareholding disclosures with AQMetrics’ advanced compliance monitoring and automated data aggregation.

Authorised and Regulated by ESMA and the FCA, and ISO 27001 Certified

Compliance Monitoring Investment Compliance

Investment Compliance

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Compliance Monitoring

Compliance Monitoring

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