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Compliance monitoring

Automated Compliance Monitoring

Optimise your regulatory compliance operations with AQMetrics’ leading-edge monitoring solutions.

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Strengthen Controls and Stay Regulatory Compliant

AQMetrics technology features a comprehensive set of compliance rules, real-time compliance alerts and a dynamic alerts monitoring dashboard, configurable to regulatory and specific firm requirements.

Consistent Compliance

Automated monitoring on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis depending on market complexity in which your fund operates, investment strategy and the types of investment instruments.

Compliance Workflow
Secure Compliance Workflow

AQMetrics workflow ensures integrity and confidentiality of information. Role Based Access Controls ensure escalation mechanisms are secure and robust.

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Compliance Evidence

AQMetrics alerts provide evidence that your firm is complying with both prospectus rules and regulatory rules. You can retrieve alerts immediately and retain them in accordance with your record retention policy.


AQMetrics Regulatory Technology Investment Compliance Software Screens

Investment Compliance

Elevate your compliance strategy with AQMetrics’ automated investment monitoring solution. Proactively manage and resolve compliance issues to protect your clients’ interests and uphold your firm’s reputation, all through the power of AQMetrics technology.

Shareholding Disclosures

Automate your shareholder monitoring with AQMetrics regulatory technology and manage shareholder disclosing from one place ensuring your firm’s reputation is preserved.

AQMetrics Regulatory Technology Compliance Monitoring - Shareholding Disclosures Software Screens

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“We have been impressed with AQMetrics’ focus and commitment to regulatory reporting and are excited to partner with their team to enhance our services.”

Tyler Kim
Global Head of Fund Services
Maples Group