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Future-Proof with Seamless End-to-End Automation from AQMetrics.

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Single Platform

Unify your regulatory risk and compliance operations in one place.

Data Management

Ensure effective use of data to enable informed decisions.


Reporting and monitoring that saves you time and increases efficiency.

Expert Knowledge

AQMetrics solutions are built on our team’s expertise in regulatory risk and compliance.


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Data Management

Elevate your data integrity with AQMetrics’ comprehensive data management solution. Our system centralises your data, enhancing accuracy, consistency, and accessibility, facilitating better decision-making and streamlined operations.

Compliance Monitoring

Navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance with ease using AQMetrics. Our real-time compliance monitoring tools offer proactive alerts and deep insights, enabling you to stay compliant and ahead of regulatory changes with confidence.

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Risk Management

Protect your assets and navigate market volatilities with AQMetrics’ robust risk management capabilities. Utilise advanced analytics, scenario testing, and risk assessment tools to identify potential threats and devise effective mitigation strategies.

Regulatory Reporting

Streamline your regulatory reporting process with AQMetrics’ automated solutions. Designed for accuracy and efficiency, our platform ensures your submissions are timely, compliant, and aligned with global regulatory standards across multiple jurisdictions.

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Financial Reporting

Transform financial reporting with technology that streamlines report creation, auditing, and submission. Our tools effortlessly handle complex requirements, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and strategic insights from your financial data.

MiFID II Transaction Reporting

Achieve approved straight to regulator reporting with AQMetrics. Our comprehensive, automated solution facilitates accurate reporting and reconciliation, ensuring compliance through a streamlined, end-to-end process that saves time and reduces errors.

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What our clients have to say

“We appointed AQMetrics due to their ability to deliver a wide range of regulatory reporting products that give BNPP data quality, information security and robust technology. We have been impressed by AQMetrics’ international footprint and their ability to deliver solutions spanning the regulatory reporting and technology needs of our business.”

Colm Ennis
Business Manager
BNP Paribas

“We saw a growing need from our clients for outsourced risk reporting. So we wanted to find the best technology firms that can provide that service – and that’s why we chose AQMetrics.”

Chief Global Strategy Officer
US Bank

“AQMetrics has been supporting CSC’s regulatory reporting requirements through its technology and value-added service. AQMetrics’ expertise and best-in-class technology mean that our business is always compliant with emerging regulatory change.”

Liam McHugh
Managing Director
European Fund Administration
CSC Global

“Migrating is typically not an easy task. But with AQMetrics it was seamless. There are several vendors out there, and we carefully selected our new partner for their expertise and knowledge with regard to MiFID II migration projects.”

Frederic Jamin
Group Performance Manager
Kepler Cheuvreux

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered by our Expert Team

What are the benefits of AQMetrics cloud technology?

AQMetrics offers its software as a cloud-based service, providing customers with round-the-clock data access, enhanced security, reliability, flexibility, remote accessibility, seamless migration, and a shared total cost of ownership.

Where is customer data stored by AQMetrics?

Similar to many software-as-a-service providers, we use Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leading third-party data hosting provider, to store our solutions. AWS servers are located in Europe, ensuring secure and reliable data storage.

How do you manage emerging regulatory change?

AQMetrics employs software engineers and subject matter experts who embed their knowledge into our proprietary technology. Authorised by ESMA and the FCA, our platform is future-proofed to anticipate and adapt to evolving regulations, ensuring ongoing compliance.

What integrations does AQMetrics have?

AQMetrics integrates with various data service providers, fund service providers, and regulators. Additionally, our customers can utilise AQMetrics’ drag-and-drop solution, DataMapper and RulesBuilder to configure specific APIs tailored to their data management needs. Through integrations, AQMetrics consolidates data from multiple sources into a centralised platform, providing a single source of truth.

How does your software ensure digital operational resilience in data security and compliance?

AQMetrics upholds the highest technical standards in its ICT systems, including ISO 27001. We ensure all ICT and digital operational resilience requirements align with existing and emerging standards and regulations through close collaboration with our customers.