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AQMetrics ESMA


Simplify your ESMA compliance with the AQMetrics Platform

AQMetrics platform empowers forward-looking EU firms to automate and simplify their compliance and reporting.

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Award-winning automation for ESMA compliance.

Single Platform

A single platform means you can perform all your risk analysis and reporting in the one place.


Fully automate your compliance to save time and effort. Regulatory rules are preconfigured in an out of the box solution.

Rules Builder

‘Prospectus Rules’ can be added in the AQMetrics rules builder.

Future Proof

Future proof your compliance with an always up-to-date and innovative platform.

The AQMetrics platform is used by some of the largest fund management companies and asset service providers in the world for MiFID II, AIFMD, UCITs, Liquidity Risk Control and soon SFDR.

Central Bank of Ireland

Authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland, AQMetrics Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM) helps you meet your transaction reporting requirements, with full timeliness, completeness and accuracy.


The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) requires all MiFID firms to report their transactions daily, or no later than the close of the following workday.

The AQMetrics Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM) is authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) as well as the Financial Conduct authority (FCA).

Fully reconcile and automate large amounts of trading data, while full access to your Tier 1 data allows you to unlock key business intelligence insights.

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AIFMD reporting obligations apply to registered and authorised AIFMs, and to AIFMs established in a third country.

AQMetrics has created a fully automated, easy-to-use and time-saving solution for AIFMD Annex IV filings.

Aggregating and analysing your data, the AQMetrics platform allows you to report instantly across multiple jurisdictions and locations – allowing firms to scale their business with ease.

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The “Undertaking of Collective Investment in Transferrable Securities” (UCITS) directive includes rules that funds have to comply with.

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AQMetrics UCITS Investment Breach Monitoring is used to perform both pre and post-trade compliance monitoring and risk control.

UCITS rules are preconfigured in an out of the box solution, although the easy-to-use rules builder means funds can add their own rules too. Automated monitoring saves manual errors and increases efficiency.

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Liquidity Risk Control

AQMetrics liquidity risk control solution is designed specifically to help you meet ESMA’s 2020 guidelines.

The AQMETRICS liquidity risk control platform is a comprehensive solution, with liquidity impact analysis, fund-level risk configuration, historical and hypothetical stress tests, redemptive stress tests, and robust control and audit.

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The AQMETRICS platform then instantly converts the reports to XBRL and offers an upload service to the ONR. The platform automates regulatory reporting across regulation and jurisdiction.

And with a single platform, AQMETRICS provides all compliance and reporting requirements in a standalone solution. This will simplify and streamline your firm’s compliance reporting, future proofing your business and allowing you to focus on oversight and monitoring.

Download our XBRL Reporting Datasheet to find out more:


The AQMetrics PRIIPs solution includes data management, production of the PRIIPs KID, EPT, EMT documents, hosting and dissemination and Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA).

To ensure our customers are ready for January 2023, the AQMetrics data management platform has partnered with RiskConcile, to leverage their industry-leading calculations engine. The AQMetrics data management platform handles our customers’ data to ensure compliance with the regulation and accuracy of reporting.


The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) requires funds to report their sustainability-related investment information.

The AQMetrics platform allows you to streamline and aggregate all of your ESG data to produce SFDR reports on a security, portfolio and firm-wide basis.

Save time and effort with enhanced automation, while a fully audited workflow allows you to answer any investor or regulatory queries.

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