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COO Claire Savage talks to the Financial Technologist about FinTech and Diversity


Recently, COO Claire Savage sat down with the Financial Technologist, as part of their Champions of Diversity series.


At AQMetrics, we strongly believe that diverse teams produce the best results. Our team is solving complex problems with software solutions for the global asset management industry. We recognise and draw upon neurodiversity within the team which comes from differences in gender, age, ethnicity and socio-economic backgrounds.

With diversity comes non-linear thinking, a valuable trait for any problem solving roles.

“The industry has realised that the software and technology is just the enabling tool. The best software companies need neurodiverse teams that can think non-linearly and solve the complex problems that our customers face.”

– Claire Savage | COO, AQMetrics.


Read the full interview with the Financial Technologist to find out Claire’s thoughts on diversity and inclusion in FinTech.