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CEO Update on COVID-19


AQMetrics commitments during the COVID-19 crisis


In these uncertain times, I wanted to take a moment to share with you what we are doing here at AQMetrics. As the situation around the Coronavirus continues to evolve, we are doing everything we can to ensure the Health and Safety of our Employees, Customers and Partners.

The Global spread of COVID-19 has generated concerns across the Financial Services Industry in relation to service continuity and availability. It is therefore important that the Financial Services Firms served by AQMetrics have confidence in our capabilities to provide ongoing services and support throughout this, or any other crisis. AQMetrics has a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan in place.

The following crisis management actions have already been implemented and we continue to monitor the situation closely:

AQMetrics Employee Travel Restrictions and Work-From-Home


Leveraging technology to work-from-home

Last week, on Wednesday (11 Mar), AQMetrics leveraged the wider AQMetrics platform and a myriad of cloud technologies to rapidly mobilise our entire workforce  — which includes engineering, customer success, sales, finance, marketing, and human resources — and transitioned them all to work from home within 36 hours. As a technology company, we were well equipped to exercise a remote-work response, limit exposure of infection, and remain productive. I am pleased to report that throughout this remote-work response, our employees have remained safe and connected, and their productivity and customer service levels remain unchanged.


Restructuring of event plans

Out of caution for the safety of our Employees, Customers and Partners, we are restructuring our scheduled events and for now we plan to leverage technology such as Webinars, Live Streams and Virtual Networking to interact with people from wherever they happen to be.


Global travel restrictions

We have suspended travel.


Extending Business Continuity Offers to Ensure Customer Success

At AQMetrics we believe that every Company, regardless of size, budget, or resource constraints, should have equal ability to prepare for remote work and keep employees safe and productive. For those Financial Services Firms that lack the capacity or resources to meet their Risk Control and Regulatory Reporting obligations on their own, we will be providing special offers to use AQMetrics turnkey Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.

AQMetrics provides secure access to our Risk Control and Regulatory Reporting Solutions in One Unified Platform. We empower our Customers to embrace remote work with the confidence that their Information will remain highly available and secure.

During difficult times like these, we believe in the power of Community. As a Society and Individuals, it is our responsibility to curb expansion of the Virus. AQMetrics will continue to evaluate ways we can continue to support and provide safety to our Employees, Customers and Partners.

Yours Sincerely,


Geraldine Gibson-Dautun

CEO, AQMetrics