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AQMetrics releases Fund Liquidity whitepaper


Report reveals liquidity risks within the investment management space and looks at the regulatory responses and liquidity stress tests.


AQMetrics, a leading global platform for risk and regulatory compliance, has today released its latest whitepaper, Fund Liquidity Risk Control: Emerging Risks and Regulation. The study reveals the liquidity risks within buyside investment firms and examines the regulatory responses from ESMA, the FCA and the SEC.

The report is timely as it comes as the COVID-19 crisis continues to hamper financial markets. While risk assets have suffered their fastest ever decline, record outflows have also heaped pressure on asset managers, fuelling fears another liquidity crisis is unfolding.

In addition, the report also presents a number of key findings from major clients and stakeholders, including how many are gearing up for the upcoming ESMA liquidity stress test requirements in September – and the challenges risk and compliance teams are likely to face before then.

‘Now more than ever fund managers are acutely aware of their regulatory obligations to properly manage the liquidity of funds and to ensure investors are fairly treated at all times,’ said Geraldine Gibson, CEO and founder of AQMetrics. ‘With regulators across the globe stepping up their monitoring of funds and market participants, it is clear that now is the time to act and implement robust liquidity risk control solutions.’


The whitepaper is available for download.



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