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April 2020 Update


Since January, the Coronavirus has overtaken our world.

As the situation continues to evolve, the wellbeing of AQMetrics employees, customers and community is our number one priority.


Now, more than ever, we see priorities have been shifting and firms are becoming laser focused on replacing older technologies with newer, cloud based solutions. As firms have moved to e-working, the digitization imperative has become all the more urgent. Firms previously focused on point solutions now truly understand the benefits of cloud based platforms that offer a full complement of services.  Firms have realised that their business processes are disjointed and oftentimes involving numerous manual processes. Furthermore, solutions are not robust and scalable and as firms look forward to growing their global presence, this is a cause for concern.

Over the past two to three months more and more firms have informed AQMetrics that they are starting processes to explore the adoption of new, robust, and scalable solutions, which will provide a much better level of oversight in a remote and global workplace. As a result, our focus on customer success is more important now than ever and customer success remains at the heart of everything we do at AQMetrics.

AQMetrics is fully committed to continuing to serve our customers with excellence. The impact of the Coronavirus on firms and their workforce’s ability to work and be productive, particularly at a time of lockdown, is front of mind for all businesses. As a cloud based company we know that AQMetrics has been fortunate to not be as impacted as others and our outstanding customer success team is here to support the industry we serve.

As dramatic as the past few months have been, the economy will recover steadily in due course and we will adapt to new norms. As central banks move quickly and governments act rapidly, their actions will be more effective than they were a decade ago, we have all learnt from the 2008 crisis.

It is impossible to know when we will reach the bottom of this current crisis and what new risks are ahead. However, we at AQMetrics have already stepped back, assessed the longer term horizon and have a plan in place for future global growth.

For some of AQMetrics customers, the recent sell-off has created attractive opportunities to rebalance their portfolios and that in turn provides us with confidence in the industry we serve. Asset and investment managers still scared from 2008, know what perseverance looks like and they will show exceptional perseverance once again.

To those not feeling well, we extend our sincerest wishes for a full recovery.


Geraldine Gibson-Dautun

CEO, AQMetrics



Extending Business Continuity Offers to Ensure Customer Success

At AQMetrics we believe that every Company, regardless of size, budget, or resource constraints, should have equal ability to prepare for remote work and keep employees safe and productive. For those Financial Services Firms that lack the capacity or resources to meet their Risk Control and Regulatory Reporting obligations on their own, we will be providing special offers to use AQMetrics turnkey Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.

AQMetrics provides secure access to our Risk Control and Regulatory Reporting Solutions in One Unified Platform. We empower our Customers to embrace remote work with the confidence that their Information will remain highly available and secure.

During difficult times like these, we believe in the power of Community. As a Society and Individuals, it is our responsibility to curb expansion of the Virus. AQMetrics will continue to evaluate ways we can continue to support and provide safety to our Employees, Customers and Partners.

Yours Sincerely,


Geraldine Gibson-Dautun

CEO, AQMetrics