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Rules Builder

Rules Building

Flexible no-code Rules

As well as pre-configured regulatory rules libraries, use the industry leading AQMRules Builder, a no-code tool, to create your own rules by simply dragging and dropping them within the same user interface (UI).

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How the AQMetrics Rules Builder works

AQMetrics have developed the AQMRule Builder to give firms the control and flexibility to adapt to global regulations. New rules can be created by using a simple drag and drop, no need for coding. Once the rule is created you can apply risk scores and link rules.

Manage your rules

Build your own rules or use AQMetrics out-of- the-box rules. The drag and drop functionality within the UI enables users firms to create or modify rules efficiently and effectively.

Risk Score

When you create a rule you can create an initial risk score. AQMetrics automatically monitors risk profiles and suggests new risk scores if risk changes over time.

Rule Events, Alerts and Workflow

Once you create a rule, you decide the frequency at which the rules is to be run. Automated AQMetrics alerts and an end-to-end audited workflow awaits once the rule is set up.

Managing your rules

It’s just a matter of drag and drop.

The AQMRules builder is designed to be as easy as possible for the business user. It’s just simply drag and drop.

Rules Matrix

Rules Builder

Automated monitoring with the AQMetrics Rules Engine.

Risk and compliance teams are always looking for better ways to manage their data to meet existing and emerging regulatory requirements. AQMetrics offers an agile risk based rules engine that empowers users to Author, Manage, Integrate and Automate rules.

With AQMetrics, you can supercharge your risk and compliance team with automated risk decisions and regulatory rules. Your firm will get Rules-Driven Governance, Risk and Compliance Process Automation all within the No Code Platform.

Rules Building and the Regulators

See how AQMETRICS meets the regulators requirements with Rules Building.


To simplify the complexity of rules onboarding and monitoring, an agile risk-based rules engine that fuses proprietary rules, prospectus rules, and regulatory rules is the answer.

AQMetrics highly configurable rules engine is critical to operational efficiency, risk management and the future-proofing of your compliance processes.

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