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Lorraine Lyons

Lorraine Lyons.png

At AQMetrics we have a highly skilled, experienced and diverse workforce with wide ranging backgrounds. Today, we introduce you to Business Development Executive, Lorraine Lyons.

Describe your job in three words.

Motivating, collaborative, engaging.

What is the most exciting thing you are working on right now?

The most exciting part about my job is working with new customers. I am currently working with several large clients who will use AQMetrics regulatory risk and reporting platform to help their customers to scale.

How has your background helped with your role in AQMetrics?

During my time at IBM’s European Digital Sales Centre, I saw how digital based systems transformed the way in which businesses engage with clients. We are seeing more and more digital transformation in our client base at AQMetrics and within the financial services industry. Through the use of AQMetrics regulatory risk and reporting platform, we are giving our customers the capability to improve their own client experience and attract new customers as well.

Best thing about working in AQMetrics?

Everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission.

Who would you most like to swap places with for the day and why?

Janet Guthrie – retired professional race car driver. As she once said, racing is a matter of spirit not strength.

Last book you read or series you watched?

I am reading Adam McKay’s,This Is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries from a Junior Doctorand I am re-reading Joseph Conrad’sHeart of Darkness. Two very different books!

Website you visit the most?

It used to be travel websites, but that’s taken a backseat for now. I try to turn off the laptop after work, however the most visited website nowadays is probably Amazon!

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I am a qualified women’s artistic gymnastics (WAG) coach and national judge. I got to spend time training with an Irish squad in Russia and coached in Ireland and Australia.