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Cian Brennan


At AQMetrics we have a highly skilled, experienced and diverse workforce with wide ranging backgrounds. Today, we introduce you to our Global Regulatory Reporting Analyst, Cian Brennan.

Describe your job in three words.

Varied, interesting, fulfilling.

What are you working on right now?

The Customer Success team are preparing Q3 2020 AIFMD reports for submission to competent authorities Europe wide. Next month it will be the turn of the US regulators, so we will be preparing and filing Form PF, CPO-PQR & Form 13F on behalf of our clients.I am also working on onboarding many new clients for MiFID II transaction reporting at the moment as we continue to grow our client base.

What does a typical day look like?

I’ll begin the day by reviewing my calendar and checking what calls I may have scheduled internally and with clients to ensure I have everything prepared.In the run up to a filing period I’ll be in frequent contact with clients and their administrators to ensure that all data required for inclusion in a filing is received. My focus is then on ensuring all reporting is completed with 100% accuracy and timeliness.When tasked with onboarding a client, typically my responsibilities include setting that client up on our regulatory reporting platform, providing training and making sure that the new client has a positive experience in their interaction with AQMetrics at all times.

How has your background helped with your role in AQMetrics?

The roles I held prior to joining AQMetrics were all within the financial services industry and all heavily data driven, so it has been a natural progression.The positions I have worked in have always been client facing too, which put me in great stead for fulfilling the expectations of our client base here at AQMetrics. Having awareness of a client’s needs and delivering clear & concise communications with that client is a skill I have always placed great value in.Overall, the 10 years I’ve been working in the regtech/financial services industry has allowed me to keep a finger on the pulse of the ever-changing regulations under which fund managers operate.

Best thing about working in AQMetrics?

The people. The positivity of the whole AQMetrics team is outstanding. There are fundamental interdependencies between all teams in the company and the willingness of everyone to lend their support and share their expertise is excellent.

Which websites do you visit the most?

I find LinkedIn is a great source of up to the minute insights into what my peers elsewhere in the regtech and funds’ industry are engaged in. On a more macro level I like to keep up to speed on economic developments from global news outlets, such as The Financial Times, BBC and The Irish Times amongst others.

Tell us something about yourself we don’t know.

I have a keen interest in classic cars and motorsport. When not under lockdown conditions, I enjoy attending shows and race meetings. I’m also the proud owner of a Triumph Dolomite from the 1970s which I take for a spin most weekends, weather permitting.