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Advanced Regulatory Technology for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions face challenges in the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, requiring robust, scalable solutions for comprehensive compliance and technological agility.

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Lead the Way Through Today’s Regulatory Obligations and Challenges Effortlessly with AQMetrics Award-Winning Technology

Changing Regulations
Rapidly Changing Regulations

Stay ahead of dynamic financial regulations, ensuring compliance amid global market shifts, geopolitical changes, and new risk landscapes.

Data Management Icon
Complexity and Volume of Regulations

Tackle the vast scope of financial regulations with our expertise, simplifying interpretation and implementation across numerous areas.

Fragmented Regulatory Landscape icon
Fragmented Regulatory Landscape

Achieve harmonised compliance practices across borders, navigating through the fragmented regulatory landscape with unified solutions.

Cost of Compliance icon
Compliance Costs and Resource Constraints

Minimise compliance expenses and optimise resource allocation with our automated solutions, designed to extend beyond conventional capabilities.

Regulatory Burden icon
Regulatory Reporting Burden

Leverage our robust data systems and governance frameworks to manage and report vast data volumes accurately and on time, easing the regulatory reporting burden.

End-to-End Data Management icon
Data Management

Gain valuable insights into your operations, performance, and compliance status, driving informed decisions and strategic compliance management.


Compliance Monitoring

  • Automated Compliance: Monitor daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly depending on market complexity, investment strategy, and instrument types.
  • Secure Compliance Workflow: Role Based Access Controlled workflows ensure escalation mechanisms are automated and robust and information completely secure.
  • Compliance Evidence: Alerts provide evidence of compliance with prospectus and regulatory rules, with immediate retrieval in accordance with your record retention policy.
AQMetrics Regulatory Technology Compliance Monitoring - Shareholding Disclosures Software Screens
AQMetrics Regulatory Technology Dashboard Software Screens

Risk Management

  • Automated Risk Monitoring: Ensure efficiency across your risk management processes through AQMetrics process transformation technology.
  • Risk Metrics: Automatically measure risk in accordance with laws, regulations, policies, and standards.
  • Liquidity Risk: Monitor and analyse liquidity risk metrics and use sophisticated modelling techniques for scenario analysis and stress testing.

Regulatory Reporting

  • End-to-End Automation: Secure automatic data collection, aggregation and automation of relevant exposure and risk calculations along with reporting to the relevant regulators.
  • Simplify your filing process: Integration with leading fund administrators, automated data validations, exposure and risk calculations and automated liquidity risk bucketing and regulatory explanations.
  • Full control: Technology designed to enable regulatory reporting at scale with automated and one-click regulatory XML generation.

What our clients have to say

“We appointed AQMetrics due to their ability to deliver a wide range of regulatory reporting products that gives BNPP data quality, information security and robust technology. We have been impressed by AQMetrics’ international footprint and their ability to deliver solutions spanning the regulatory reporting and technology needs of our business.”

Colm Ennis
Business Manager
BNP Paribas

“We saw a growing need from our clients for outsourced risk reporting. So we wanted to find the best technology firms that can provide that service – and that’s why we chose AQMetrics.”

Chief Global
Strategy Officer
US Bank

“AQMetrics has been supporting CSC’s regulatory reporting requirements through its technology and value-added service. AQMetrics’ expertise and best-in-class technology mean that our business is always compliant with emerging regulatory change.”

Liam McHugh
Managing Director European Fund Administration
CSC Global

“We partnered with AQMetrics to enhance our regulatory reporting. We wanted to modernise and simplify, and in the AQMetrics technology platform we saw something really intuitive.”

Dale Bucknell
Head of Operations

Customer success

South African Financial Services Group Selects AQMetrics for Regulatory Compliance

Due to the volume of in-scope funds and cross-regulatory requirements, this firm required an automated reporting solution for current and emerging regulations.