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Simplify Regulatory Reporting in Ireland with AQMetrics: Enhanced Compliance and Efficiency for EMI/PIs


New Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) or Payments Institutions (PIs) in Ireland are oftentimes challenged by the complex landscape of regulatory reporting. To simplify compliance and reduce the regulatory burden for new entrants into the Irish EMI and PI market, AQMetrics technology streamlines reporting obligations and ensures compliance with emerging regulatory changes.


XBRL Reporting for EMIs and PIs

Obtaining authorisation from the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) is a critical step for EMIs and PIs. AQMetrics provides comprehensive and tailored financial reporting solutions for EMI and PI firms. AQMetrics technology aligns with the CBI’s reporting requirements and enables a seamless

reporting process.

Information Security Management

AQMetrics certified ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS), ensures sensitive data is protected at all times.


Exceptional Customer Service

At AQMetrics, we take pride in delivering exceptional customer service. Our dedicated customer success team is committed to providing prompt assistance, addressing any queries, and guiding you through the reporting journey. We understand the importance of personalized support, and the AQMetrics team is always available to ensure your reporting experience is efficient and of the highest quality.


Adapting to Emerging Regulatory Changes

You can rely on AQMetrics technology to ensure your reporting remains compliant with the ever-changing regulatory landscape.Regulatory requirements are constantly evolving, and staying up to date can be challenging. At AQMetrics, we monitor and adapt to emerging regulatory changes on your behalf, ensuring that AQMetrics technology is continuously updated to meet the latest reporting standards. The most recent CBI notification to all PI/EMI/AISP firms published Taxonomy 2.1.1. AQMetrics will implement this Taxonomy for the June 30th, 2023 submission deadline.


Enhanced Compliance and Efficiency

Streamlining regulatory reporting for EMI/PIs is essential to ensure compliance, improve operational efficiency, maintain data accuracy, adapt to regulatory changes, and enhance risk management capabilities. By leveraging streamlined reporting processes and robust technology solutions, EMI/PIs can navigate the regulatory landscape with confidence, focus on their core business activities, and achieve sustainable growth.AQMetrics is here to simplify your regulatory reporting process and ensure compliance every step of the way. Our technology is designed to seamlessly adapt to emerging regulatory changes, keeping you ahead of the curve and compliant at all times. Take the next step towards simplified and efficient regulatory reporting by contacting us today.


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“If you are looking for leading technology that promises smooth and accurate XBRL reporting, the AQMetrics platform delivers. Their highly professional support team assisted us with training and onboarding and we would recommend the AQMertics platform for a worry-free XBRL reporting process.”

Helen Meehan, Finance Director, Soldo


“We were in a position to streamline our XBRL reporting requirements with accuracy via the AQMetrics online cloud platform. Their excellent customer success team meant that onboarding and filing our returns to the CBI was a smooth and simple process.”

Paul O’Connell, Managing Partner, Quintas


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