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Seamless MiFID II ARM Migration: What You Need to Know.


If you need to replace your incumbent MiFID II transaction reporting solution and are currently searching to find a platform authorized as an Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM), that can offer the simplest migration path possible, then AQMetrics is the solution for you.

This blog sets out what is involved in migrating to AQMetrics and the reasons why firms switch to AQMetrics.


Why migrate to AQMetrics MiFID II ARM?

AQMetrics provides MiFID II investment firms with a one-stop, cloud-based regulatory technology and regulatory data hub. Our automated, end-to-end MiFID II transaction reporting solution also gives firms unrivalled control over their data. AQMetrics rules builder means that data quality, risk and regulatory monitoring rules and ARM validations are co-located. Our technology gives firms unparalleled access to their own data for back-reporting and reconciliation. This data access unlocks a whole host of different insights and benefits, for the back, middle and front offices.


Frictionless MiFID II ARM switchover

Switching your MiFID II transaction reporting ARM is not as complex as you might think. A new data interface is not a necessity and with AQMetrics the migration process is straightforward. The firm’s existing data extract can be migrated as-is. This includes migrating the in-situ extract currently being sent to another ARM. Furthermore, your firm’s existing data extracts will be improved through AQMetrics’ additional data validation and enrichment rules. Access to a test environment is provisioned to ensure your firm can seamlessly run the new transaction reporting solution in parallel, prior to the live switchover.


Swift and easy MiFID II migration

The migration process to AQMetrics can be done in as little as five days, depending on the firm size and data format. AQMetrics has a dedicated customer success team to guide your firm through the entire process – from start to finish.


AQMetrics clients speak about effortless and seamless migration

AQMetrics has a range of MiFID firms as clients, including institutional investment managers, global proprietary trading firms, high-volume broker/dealers, and specialist investment firms. AQMetrics serves some of the EU and UK’s largest brokers. Broker-dealers, with high trade volumes, rapidly report millions of transaction reports daily through the AQMetrics ARM, rule-based data management and APIs allow these firms to streamline data enrichment and feedback loops.

Here’s a snapshot of what AQMetrics MiFID II clients say about migration to AQMetrics:

“The decision was an easy one. We asked a third party for advice on a MiFID II reporting platform and they recommended AQMetrics. It was a very smooth transition from there on, with the normal checks of technology and data.”

Marlborough Asset Management


“We needed a new MiFID II transaction reporting solution and were immediately impressed by the AQMetrics platform. The transition and migration was easy and seamless too – saving a lot of time and effort.”



“Migrating is typically not an easy task, but with AQMetrics it was seamless. There are several vendors out there, and we carefully selected our new partner for their expertise and knowledge with regard to MiFID II migration projects.”

Kepler Cheuvreux



Let AQMetrics technology simplify your MiFID II ARM migration journey. Contact us today to find out more.

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