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Exploring Regulatory Reporting Challenges in Investment Firms


In a recent LinkedIn poll conducted by AQMetrics, compliance officers, finance directors, and chief operations officers were asked to rank their regulatory reporting priorities, revealing streamlining data collection as the top concern, closely followed by accuracy and regulatory updates. This article delves into the importance of these priorities and addresses how the AQMetrics end-to-end regulatory reporting platform provides a comprehensive solution.


Streamlining Data Collection

The survey findings underscored the significance of data collection challenges in the regulatory reporting landscape with 45% of respondents listing this as their top priority. Investment firms grapple with the complexities of collecting, aggregating, and managing diverse financial data dispersed across multiple systems. AQMetrics addresses this by establishing a single source of data through end-to-end data automation, seamlessly integrating information from multiple systems and fund administrators. This ensures consistency, eliminates errors from manual processes, and facilitates instantaneous reporting across multiple jurisdictions.


Regulatory Reporting Accuracy

Reporting accuracy was next on the list of priorities with 41% ranking this area as the most important. Not only is accuracy paramount for regulatory compliance, with non-compliance potentially leading to severe penalties and reputational damage but the time involved in ensuring accuracy can be operationally expensive. AQMetrics places a strong emphasis on accuracy through its in-built aggregations and validations, streamlining the approval and sign-off of regulatory reports like AIFMD Annex IV, Form PF, and CPO-PQR. The platform’s automated technology embeds regulatory knowledge and rules, generating error-free XMLs and instilling confidence in the reliability of reports.


Regulatory Changes and Updates

Staying abreast of regulatory changes is a perpetual challenge for investment firms, considering the evolving nature of financial markets. 14% of respondents listed this as their top priority. AQMetrics takes a proactive approach by not only meeting current regulatory requirements but also scaling for future and emerging regulations. With dedicated technological, compliance, and subject matter expertise, the platform ensures it is always up-to-date. This stands in contrast to internal solutions that may lack the resources to adapt to tight deadlines or revisions. AQMetrics remains connected with regulators and professional bodies, testing regulatory revisions well in advance and providing clients with a reliable source of information.


Mastering Regulatory Compliance: Redwheel’s Success Story with AQMetrics

Redwheel, a leading independent active investment manager, sought to automate and streamline its quarterly Form PF and AIFMD Annex IV reporting processes. Their objectives included consolidating data, ensuring seamless integration with their fund administrator, addressing manual input challenges, and preparing for emerging regulatory changes.Facing challenges with only a semi-automated reporting and data management solution and growing volumes, Redwheel embarked on a vendor selection process. AQMetrics emerged as the ideal solution, offering a comprehensive platform that consolidates data, integrates seamlessly with its fund administrator, and ensures regulatory compliance. The transparency, audit trails, and the evidence-based approach of AQMetrics stood out, providing Redwheel with a streamlined and controlled process.



The survey results highlight the interconnected nature of regulatory reporting priorities. Streamlining data collection, ensuring accuracy, and staying updated on regulatory changes are essential components, and AQMetrics emerges as a leader in addressing these challenges. Our end-to-end regulatory reporting solution meets current reporting needs and ensures efficiency, accuracy, and adaptability for future compliance challenges, making it a strategic partner for investment firms navigating the complex regulatory landscape.Explore how AQMetrics can address your specific priorities and streamline your regulatory reporting. Contact us for an introductory conversation to discover the tailored solutions we offer for investment firms facing evolving regulatory landscapes.



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