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Emerging Regulations Checklist for 2024

In anticipation of the evolving regulatory landscape in 2024, asset and investment managers must continually ensure they remain compliant. This is not always easy to accomplish as global regulations have increased dramatically in scope and scale. Regulatory matters can be costly and time-consuming if not managed correctly. This checklist is designed to serve as your go-to resource for tracking and preparing for emerging regulatory change. Stay informed, stay compliant, and navigate the complexities of the financial world with confidence.

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Regulatory change on the horizon

Navigating the intricate landscape of regulatory changes in 2024 demands a keen understanding of the complexities of each regulation and an awareness of jurisdiction-specific requirements. As firms grapple with adapting their regulatory processes to emerging regulations, the need for agile systems and technology becomes paramount. The challenge cannot be underestimated, so to help, we present a comprehensive checklist encompassing the regulations that have emerged or are on the horizon in the Global regulators’ plan for 2024.This checklist serves as more than just a tool for compliance; it acts as a strategic guide in safeguarding against inadvertent breaches, prompting a thorough review of existing regulations and a meticulous consideration of emerging ones. Whether revisiting regulatory technology and systems is a routine or novel undertaking, checklists compel a systematic approach. Beyond ensuring regulatory adherence, they foster enhanced communication across functions within your firm. This holistic tool is designed to assist you, regardless of your level of expertise. Think of it as a small but important step towards mitigating compliance risks and fortifying your readiness for the regulatory challenges ahead.


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