What is this SaaS thing?

We were recently surprised when a customer asked us

‘What is this SaaS thing you keep referring to in meetings, in your online help and on your social media sites’.

So, we have decided to share our view of SaaS and why, in our view, it is great that aqmetrics is a SaaS company.

What is SaaS?


Before we jump into the definition of SaaS, let’s deal with some basic jargon first. There is the ‘cloud’. In short, we connect with hosted online services to store and manage data. These hosted online services are our ‘cloud’.

Our applications are stored online in the cloud. Our customer’s data is stored online in the cloud. Our analytics and workflow are managed in the cloud. We list our solutions online and our customers ‘rent’ our software from our cloud location. This renting of aqmetrics software from the cloud is what we refer to as our Software as a Service (SaaS) offering.

Why is being a SaaS company great for aqmetrics customers?

Renting takes one form at aqmetrics – usage based subscription. Business pay a fee for the aqmetrics service based on their service usage. We offer plans with several tiers for ultimate flexibility. We also offer a fixed price for anything that goes above our top tier level. Our customers tell us that they gain considerable economies from our usage based subscriptions.

As our customers rent our software, the upkeep of the technology, maintenance, repairs, and upgrades all falls under aqmetrics remit and saves our customers time and money. Renting software eliminates the need for large technology teams.

Furthermore, because we offer regulatory technology (RegTech) our customers don’t have to employ large teams of lawyers to interpret rules and regulations. That heavy lifting is done by aqmetrics legal counsel. Our legal counsel reviews existing and emerging regulations alongside our technologists. Together the blended aqmetrics team build scalable software for existing, new and emerging regulations. The cost of regulatory change has significantly reduced in our customer’s organisations thanks to aqmetrics unique approach to blending legal and technical analysts to build the best products.

Our customers can access the software they rent from anywhere in the world and log their workflow progress as if using software installed in the office. Before cloud computing, typically only “lite” versions of office resources could be accessed remotely. Now, all heavy lifting happens through aqmetrics infrastructure, delivering an ‘in work’ like experience point-to-point.

Then there is the Business Continuity that is guaranteed through renting software as a service. An IT crisis in the office cannot affect aqmetrics cloud technology. If software services crash on one host, the aqmetrics service continues to run. Only the device impacted by the crash disconnect. This makes failover to another backup software service seamless and easy, whilst invisible to the end users of aqmetrics services.